4 energy efficient building materials for your home

People are now interested in building energy efficient homes. To build such a home, you need to use renewable and recycled materials. Here are some energy efficient building materials you can use for your home.

Low-emissivity windows


These windows come with a coating of metallic oxide which keeps heat inside the house during winter and out of the house during summer. You can choose either soft coating or hard coating. The soft coating is between layers of glass, whereas the hard coatings are applied on the outside. These coatings reduce heat flow through glass by half.

Recycled wood


A combination of wood fibers and waste plastics is less toxic compared to the conventional treated lumber. It is also more rigid as the wood fibers add extra strength.

Structural insulated panels


These are made from foam insulation that is placed between pieces of plywood and cement panels. These can save 50% energy costs. This material is fire resistant and is suitable for using in foundations, basements, floors and walls.

Cool roofing


A cool roof reflects heat from the sun and remains cooler. It transfers less heat to the building. In the past roofing materials needed to be light in color for this mechanism to work. But now, darker materials also reflect heat back to the atmosphere.

Some people are reluctant to use these due to the higher price compared to the traditional materials. But these energy efficient materials used in home construction can save you a lot of money in the long run. So, you should use these materials in your home construction.